Chocolate Fudge artisan market vendors

Many years ago, I came across a chocolate fudge recipe. After playing with this recipe and replacing a few ingredients, a creamier fudge was upon us and enjoyed by family and friends. A friend whom I shared the chocolate fudge recipe with entered it at the 2013 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo baking contest. And surprisingly it came in first place. My thought was “I may have something here”. Encouraged by a business coach, family and friends, O Fudge! came to life.

On September 28, 2013, we took our four flavors (Original, Pecan, Pistachio, and Mint) to our first Artisan Market at Williams-Sonoma La Cantera.  The fudge was a hit, and since then my husband and I have developed more flavors like Rocky Road and Peanut Butter. Our creamy is fudge is made with premium ingredients, no preservatives (so eat quickly) and a lot of love.

Whoever wrote "necessity is the mother of invention" was not kidding.

By the age of 49, I had a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from Our Lady of the Lake University, a certification as a Life Coach, a loving husband, wonderful teenage son, and employed as an administrative assistant in the Corporate QA Department of a local grocery company where I learned all about food safety.

Nonetheless my husband and I were needing to supplement our incomes. Fuel prices had gone up, internet, cell phones, and life! So I thought of getting a part-time job aside from my day-time job. As a life coach, I asked myself “Where do my talents lie? What can I do that I enjoy doing and bring in extra income?”

Around that time I met Crystal Darby, a business coach and in appreciation for meeting with me I gave her a pretty cup filled with creamy fudge. She loved it! Crystal also told me about the Texas Cottage Law which allows one to make non perishable items from home and sell at Artisan and Farmers’ Markets.

And that’s how O’ Fudge began!

Chocolate Fudge startup